We are genuinely happy to see our customers grow – whether they’re building wealth for the future, progressing in their career or finding happiness in their relationships.

Irene Liu

General Manager, Ironfish Brisbane

Irene leads our Brisbane team and over the last 5 years, has helped many of our customers achieve more – not only in terms of personal finances, but in their career and other important aspects of life.

Irene first joined the Ironfish team in 2011, when the Brisbane branch was still in its early stages and has contributed significantly to its growth and development – with many investors becoming friends, or even staff along the way.

Irene is very proud of the trust that customers place in her and her team, a responsibility she takes very seriously.  She is also proud to belong to such a unique company within the industry, with a corporate culture that attracts the right people, who are dedicated to exceptional customer service.

Prior to Ironfish, Irene worked in the IT industry with Alcatel-Lucent, and brings extensive experience in project management, customer service and advocacy, technical support engineering and VIP client relations.

She joined Ironfish to align her expertise in project and service delivery with her personal interest and expertise in property investment. She was appointed General Manager of our Brisbane branch office in 2016.

Irene enjoys being able to combine her personal interests with our investor events. Ironfish Brisbane is known for hosting a variety of events for customers, from Chinese embroidery to wine tasting and yoga. She loves the opportunity, as much as our customers do, to meet a like-minded community of people and pursue new knowledge, skills and interests.

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