There are very few companies that focus on after-sales service, especially in China. We stand out for our ongoing care and support through to settlement and beyond. We are pioneers in the industry – and I'm very proud to be able to do this for our Chinese investors.

Tony Lee

Managing Director, Ironfish Beijing

As the Managing Director and a founding member of our Beijing office, Tony Lee has played a significant role in developing the Ironfish brand in China to serve and support more local customers.

After joining Ironfish as a Strategist in 2012, Tony’s sensitivity and expertise in serving our overseas investors quickly came to the fore. A short 16 months later, Tony joined the Ironfish Beijing team as the Sales and Marketing Director.

Tony brings a wealth of experience in serving Chinese investors in the Australian property market. Prior to Ironfish, Tony worked as a consultant for ASX listed investment house ASF Group, focusing on their property business, at a time when there were very few Chinese investors in the Australian property market.

Tony now takes immense pride in our brand’s reputation for honesty and integrity in the marketplace, and for continually finding new ways to make the investing experience more convenient and accessible to people in China.

Tony holds a Master’s of IT/Commerce from Macquarie University and an MBA from the University of Newcastle. He is a licensed real estate agent (personal and corporate), qualified mortgage broker and a fully trained financial planner. Tony is also a proud father of two, who is particularly grateful for technology which helps him to stay connected with his kids while he’s travelling for work.

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