3 goals for a brighter new financial year

July 1st not only marks the beginning of the new financial year 2020-2021, it also represents a major milestone for Ironfish. In July, we close off our 14th year and begin our 15th year in business.

And what a remarkable 14 years it has been; we are very proud of what we do – that we have helped so many, many thousands of customers. The high calibre of our properties improves every year, and we have continued to invest heavily in additional service infrastructure and support for our customers.

At the same time, we have also weathered one of the biggest crises in recent history. Covid-19 has affected everyone, no matter what business or industry you’re in. I think more than ever before, we all have a keener understanding of our own vulnerability – both from a health perspective, and from a financial perspective as well.

For Ironfish, it has helped us to double down on our mission to help more Australians improve their long-term financial wellbeing. It has also reminded us of the need to continually improve and add more value to our customers. Through the service, quality and value we deliver, we can pursue our own goal or aspiration to be the number one choice for property investment services.

As I have noted many times before, I am a firm believer in goal setting, not simply to have a goal, but also to write down your goals, share them with others, and persist in achieving them.

As we begin a new financial year, within the context of a Covid-19 world, this is a particularly good time to reflect, evaluate and set some goals to make the next year better. Here are 3 that I would encourage everyone to take on board.

1.“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Henry Ford’s famous quote is a great place to start. Many people will believe what happens in the new year will be entirely a product of external circumstances. But in my opinion, it’s in everybody’s hands.

If people genuinely have that mindset, it’s possible to look at situations and circumstances differently and spot opportunities. For example, even where a job or career situation has changed, with the right mindset, you can be in a position to look for a new opportunity or for a new beginning.

2.“There’s a limit to how much you can save, no limit to how much you can earn”

We know very well now that sometimes it does rain, and we have to prepare for that. People need to use the opportunity now as we come through the first period of Covid-19 to prepare for a ‘next time’; to be less vulnerable in the future, by being better financially prepared. Part of that is learning how to earn more money – to become more valuable in the workplace. Generating a better cashflow means you can save more, which is very important. But, remember, there’s only so much you can save. Rather than getting distracted with saving a few pennies here and there and having a ‘bargain mentality’ – think bigger. Remain focussed on expanding your earning potential; I believe everyone is capable of earning more with the right guidance. Even someone like me; I arrived here in Australia not knowing anything about business, money or investing. I didn’t even really know how to go about getting a job. This is something I learned through experience.

3.“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”

Continue the good habits that you’ve developed during this Covid-19 period – being present with family, exercising more, self-improvement, appreciating time with colleagues or friends – and take it into the post-Covid-19 world. Only then will it render this whole experience as good/bad when we look back in a year’s time.

It’s the same with investing – if you make the decision to invest in an asset, there’s no point in giving up early, selling too soon. Maybe there was a discount which helped you make the initial decision to buy. But persisting over the long term, weathering obstacles – this is part of the journey. This is what will determine your success when you look back in the years to come.

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