Wealth isn’t taught at school, and it can be considered taboo to talk about money with friends and family, so it’s not surprising, that as a result many of us aren’t as financially literate as we could be.

Wealth is so much more than cash in our wallets; it’s the key to unlocking more choices in how we spend our time and experiencing a future free from financial stress. Many of us dream of becoming wealthy, but don’t really know how to make it a reality.

In our latest webinar, Ironfish CEO Joseph Chou shares his own wealth-building journey, from a new migrant delivering pizza to one of Australia’s most respected and admired property millionaires.

In what is one of our most inspiring and motivating webinars, he reveals his 5 Secrets to Wealth:

  1. Wealth mindset – the importance of thinking rich to become rich
  2. Wealth goals – how to set them and stick to them
  3. Combining active income + passive investment
  4. How to maximise your current earnings and unlock multiple income streams
  5. How to define your unique wealth personality and use it to your advantage

With his passionate belief that anyone can learn how to acquire significant wealth, Joseph has helped over 10,000 Australian families build the life – and future – they’ve always wanted.

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