Australian Retirees Speak Up About Investing Early

New research has shown that Australian retirees are more outspoken then their global counterparts when it comes to investing for their future.

While 55% of global retirees believe a long-term approach to retirement saving is needed, 72% of Australian retirees advise long-term investment.

According to the Global Investor Pulse survey, retirees are quite vocal on what they would do differently and one of those things is to start investing early. Other advice includes paying down debt and working with professional financial advisers to ensure you get the best out of your income.

This recommendation comes after it was revealed that just 15% of Australians seek advice from professionals, with most of that bracket being people who earn in access of $150,000 a year.

Based on the survey findings, 15% of Australians own an investment property, compared to an average of 10% in Europe and North America.

The research surveyed 17,600 people and was aimed at getting a clearer look at the attitudes surrounding savings, investments and superannuation.

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