Banks forecast 12% – 18% capital growth for Perth property

2020: Why Perth, Why Now Property Report Preview

When it comes to evaluating a market’s potential, understanding a market’s past historical records can reveal the room for growth in a market.

Looking back at 2006, Perth’s median house price was 91% of Sydney’s. Nowadays, you can purchase almost two houses in Perth for less than a single property in Sydney. Because of this, economists and market commentators have labeled Perth as Australia’s most affordable major city housing market, and second in affordability for apartments. 

Since Western Australia’s quarterly population growth bottomed out in 2016, its population growth has rebounded to almost 10 times as strong.

Perth population graph


The last time Perth experienced such dramatic population growth, Perth’s capital growth tripled in value within a 6 year period between 2000-2006. Since then, Perth has trended sideways for over 14 years making it Australia’s most affordable housing market out of the 5 major cities.


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