Building Wealth, Breaking Stereotypes: Australian Women Pioneering Property Investment

Every year, on the 8th of March, the world comes together to celebrate International Women’s Day. Women have had to fight for their rights and equality in every aspect of life, including finances. One sure way to break stereotypes and gain financial independence is through property investment.

Property investment relies on the kind of mindset that a lot of women already possess: long-term planning, attention to detail, and the ability to multitask. The field of property investment is certainly no longer just for men. As more and more women are taking charge of their financial future by investing in property, Australia has seen a rise in female investors who are breaking stereotypes and building serious long-term wealth.

Betty Xu, Sales and customer experience coordinator and Alex Klimczak, Group accounts receivable officer from Ironfish talk about what International Women’s Day and inspiring inclusion means to them.
Amanda Weeks, Head of marketing and Fiona Lau, Client care officer from Ironfish talk about why International Women’s Day is so important to them.

Why should women invest in property?

While there are many investment options available, such as stocks, businesses, or gold but property investment stands out as an excellent choice for women. Here are some reasons why:

  • Property is a tangible asset that provides security and stability.
  • It has the potential to generate passive income through rental returns.
  • Property prices tend to increase over time, making it a lucrative long-term investment.
  • Women tend to live longer than men, and investing in property can provide financial stability in retirement.
  • Property investment can diversify a woman’s investment portfolio and reduce risk.

Moreover, investing in property allows women to take control of their finances and build wealth independently. It gives them the power to make their own decisions, rather than relying on a partner or family member. Traditionally, buying a home was something a woman did with her partner, but now more women are choosing to invest in property on their own terms.

According to CoreLogic’s Women & Property Report 2023, men have the highest level of investment property ownership in Australia at 36.3%, compared with 29.5% of investment properties that are owned by women, and even higher than joint male-female ownership of investment properties (34.2%). Taking into account joint male-female ownership, males were identified as owning almost 7% more of the investment properties analysed in Australia.

Why women should invest in property

Investing in property can offer numerous benefits for women. It serves as a vehicle for building long-term wealth and financial stability, while also providing tax advantages and the potential for passive income through rental properties. Moreover, property ownership instils a sense of security and independence, empowering women to take control of their financial future.

In fact, women often demonstrate greater proficiency in long-term property investing compared to men, as they tend to be more risk-averse. This allows them to make informed and cautious decisions, resulting in better investment outcomes.

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