Gen Y Poised for Property Investment

Generation Y are looking to invest in property rather than buy a home. Research conducted by loan comparison site has shown that 50% of Gen Y plan to invest in property before buying a home to live in.

80% of these claim to be investing to establish themselves for the future while 14% are investing because they cannot yet afford their ideal home.

A spokesperson for, Michelle Hutchison, highlighted some pros and cons for Gen Y when it comes to investment:


  • The time is right to get competitive interest rates on investment loans.
  • You can earn a solid return on your investment by letting the property out.
  • There are tax benefits you can claim on such the depreciation of appliances.


  • You cannot benefit from the first-home buyers’ grant unless you live in the property.
  • You may have to remain living with your parents for a longer period of time.
  • If you can’t find a tenant and are renting too then you could find the bills mounting up rapidly.

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