How to Avoid a Real Estate Agent’s Selling Tricks

Estate agents are seeking to get money out of you by selling a home on behalf of a client. They are not your friends and it is important to remember this. Telling an agent how much you have to spend or that you have fallen in love with a property will simply give them the fuel to get more money out of you.

Remember these key tips from The Guardian to survive the estate agent tricks:

  • A real estate agent gets paid when a sale is made. Showing them that you are serious about buying will make you their first call when a property becomes available.
  • Ignore calls to rush into viewing or bidding on a property. Take your time to ensure you come to a more reasoned decision.
  • Say no to finance from the seller and arrange your own mortgage. This will give you more flexibility and will save you money.
  • Bid on the value of the property, not on the figure that the agent has applied. Be brave in making realistic offers and be prepared to be turned down.
  • Double-check everything you are told. Visit the area on a Friday or Saturday night and make the effort to walk to the shops to see how conveniently located the place is.

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