Mixed Retail with Bunnings proposed for Newstead

Bunnings Group Limited has submitted a DA for a large mixed use development located at 142 – 160 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead.

The proposed mixed use development comprises of a new Bunnings Warehouse which will have a total floor area of 17,206.84m², consisting of the main warehouse, outdoor nursery, bagged goods area, café and timber trade sales area.

The ground floor contains six separate mixed use tenancies consisting of retail and/or office space and totalling 1,580m2.

The total GFA proposed (Bunnings Warehouse + mixed use tenancies) is 18,883.77m2 over three storeys.

Street activation is incorporated along all street frontages with tenancies at ground, large entry foyer and glazing, battening and articulation in the facade.

Key features include:

  • A distinctive saw-toothed roof design which references the historical building forms in the Newstead locality. The saw-tooth roof ‘folds’ down the building facade, breaking the centre of the building into a series of 10m wide segments
  • A cross-block link is proposed on the northern edge of the building, activated by ground floor tenancies;
  • Ground floor activation is provided for the full length of Breakfast Creek Road and on all building corners.

According to the DA, approximately 540 construction jobs will be created as a result of the project with around 230 permanent jobs upon completion.

Source: News Release, Brisbane Development, 22 December, 2014


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