People and culture: why money matters

Ironfish is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Australian HR Awards 2017, which recognises the leading innovators in people and culture across Australian business. Although we work in the property investment space, our number one focus is people – so the HR Awards very much resonates with our core values.

We see property investment as just the beginning of our service offering. Our ultimate aim is to inspire people to change the way they think about wealth and money matters, take ownership of their financial goals and reach their full potential – both in terms of meeting financial goals, as well as career and personal development.

And for us, this all begins with cultivating the right corporate culture – one that enables positive action, innovative thinking and limitless possibilities. We have now started working with other organisations and HR professionals to help develop the right corporate culture where employees are able to perform at their best.

Recent studies show financial wellbeing topped the list of factors employees wished their employers cared more about. Employee stress, particularly financial stress has a huge impact on their performance at work, presenting a strong business case for employers to care about their staff’s financial wellbeing.

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*Source: IFEBP 2016 Financial Education Survey 

At Ironfish, we know that at the end of the day – money matters. We understand the importance of financial security, and help both our staff and our customers proactively work towards this goal, every day, focusing on strategic property investment as the vehicle.

“We’ve always considered Ironfish to be a ‘people company’,” said Ironfish CEO and Founder, Joseph Chou, in interview with HRD Magazine. “Even though we work in the property investment space and other related areas, our number one focus is people. We believe that the reason why so many Australian families invest with Ironfish is because our corporate culture is very strong. It’s people-focused and customer-centric, and gives talented people unlimited room to grow. So we feel that recognising the top performers, the best of the best in the industry, resonates with our beliefs.

“We also feel that we can help other companies as well, in one form or another, to develop or enhance their culture. We can help employees by enhancing their financial wellbeing; we can provide the knowledge, platform and services to help employees strengthen their own financial situation by starting to invest in property over the long term. And by doing that, by helping them build a stronger financial base, they can actually improve their focus at work and gain a higher level of job satisfaction.”

If you’d like to read Joseph’s full interview featured in this month’s issue of Human Resources Director Magazine please click this link.

If you are an HR professional and would like more information about our employee benefits program, please contact us.

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