[Perth] Draft City of Subiaco Activity Centre Plan

The draft City of Subiaco Activity Centre Plan (SACP) and its role in guiding the delivery of mixed use and housing to meet the targets set out in Directions 2031 and SPP 4.2 Activity Centres for Perth and Peel.

We have consulted with our members to determine the impact of draft SACP. These consultations have identified improvements to make the activity centre plan more effective and better support the revitalisation of Subiaco.

The Property Council would like to put forward the following recommendations:

  • Development densities on sites capable of development be significantly increased in order to meet the density targets set out in State planning policy.
  • A strong system of incentives is included to encourage development that delivers good urban design and community outcomes e.g. affordable housing.
  • The heights currently proposed in the SACP be increased to ensure a sufficient level of employment and residential densities to support transport services to and from Subiaco. The boundary of the activity centre structure plan area should be expanded to include the Subiaco Oval.
  • Ensure sufficient density and height in key landmark sites to ensure the high frequency transit envisioned in the plan for corridors such as Hay Street and Rokeby Road.

Source: News Release, Property Council of Australia, 25th July 2016

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