Why are we ramping up when others are slowing down?

When the property market goes through a period of adjustment, many property companies look at reducing their footprint. But we’re doing the opposite.

At Ironfish, we’re preparing for growth and expansion.

If you’re a job seeker, you’ve probably already noticed that we’re running a major recruitment initiative across our branches.

What you may not know is that we’re also investing heavily in the training and development of our strategists at a national level. Last week, for example, we conducted a training program for all our newly hired strategists.

The training took place at Ironfish HQ in North Sydney and brought together all our new strategists from all our branches across Australia. It provided a valuable opportunity to help our new recruits become ensconced in our company values and vision as well as enhance their knowledge and skills base to better support our customers.

“Ironfish is the only property services company in Australia with offices across the 5 major capital cities around Australia and we felt it would be powerful for all new local strategists from our branch offices to fly into our Sydney HQ for a 3-day intensive,” said Ironfish Co-Founder and Director of Property and Research, Grant Ryan.

“What better way than for them to see, touch and feel the extent and track record of our Ironfish platform and at the same time to thoroughly understand both how important their role is, and to understand how their local office is part of a wider, professional network around Australia.”

ironfish property investment

Ironfish Property Investment Strategist Training Program July 2018

Ironfish property investment strategists play a vital support and servicing role for our investors, so it’s important for our strategists to be across all aspects of property investment as well as the specific services we have available for the benefit of our customers.

Our 3 company directors and departmental heads guided our new strategists through their various services and divisions, such as our stringent property selection process and why our investors get to pick from some of the most iconic developments across the country. Strategists also gained insights into our extensive customer care team and processes we have in place to help our investors to settle their properties successfully, as well as specific training in our custom investor tools and software.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

“What really stood out to me was the passion that the founders and the Ironfish team demonstrated during all the time we were there. You can see when people are genuinely engaged to an ideal and to the core values of the company,” said Pina Brandi, Property Investment Strategist, Ironfish Burwood.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to have learned so much directly from the Ironfish Directors and the wider HQ team. Ironfish truly has an enviable platform which enables us to provide customers with comprehensive, research-backed property investment support and services. I now fully comprehend Ironfish’s strength in the market and our responsible, customer-centric approach to helping more Australians build wealth for the future through property,” said Liya, Property Investment Strategist, Ironfish Melbourne.

Your success is our success

Over the last 12 years our strategists have helped many thousands of Australians build a brighter future through property investment and we aim to help many more thousands achieve financial success in the next 12 years and beyond.

We are proud to stand out in the industry for our long-term vision and long-term relationships with our customers – so many of whom have purchased 2 or more properties from us or are referred to us by family and friends.

None of this would be possible, however, if we did not invest in talent acquisition and training and development events such as last week.

If we want our customers to succeed, then we need to ensure our customers are supported by the right people, with the right values, knowledge, skills, attitude and experience.

ironfish property investment

As our CEO and Founder Joseph Chou says, “We know from experience that most people don’t feel comfortable doing something when nobody else is doing it. For example, it’s only when the market is already very hot that most people want to jump on the bandwagon for fear of missing out. But the people who make the most gains are those who get into the market early, in the right pockets, before the next wave of the cycle. It’s also those who have the ability to last the distance.”

At Ironfish, we’re busy preparing our staff and our business for the next wave because we want to keep giving our investors every advantage and edge we can, to ensure they last the distance and achieve their goals.

We know investment is a long game and our strategists are here to support and service our customers every step of the way.

ironfish property investment

Want to find out how an Ironfish property investment strategist can help you?

  • Read some of our customer reviews and success stories to see how we’ve helped others – including new investors and experienced investors.
  • You can also book a free appointment with one of our experienced strategists at your local Ironfish office in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide, or at your home or office. We can visit after hours or at weekends.

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