Summer holiday reads: the best books for a prosperous 2022

3 must-read books:

1. The science of getting rich, by Wallace D Wattles

Many books on wealth are often superficial. But this one is quite accurate. The author suggests becoming financially successful is an exact science. People who get rich come from many different backgrounds, live in different places, work in different industries, be male or female. But all these people get rich in a certain way, and he shares that certain way in this book. I’ve read a lot of books on this topic but this one is genuinely powerful and accurate.

2. Secrets of the millionaire mind: mastering the inner game of wealth, by T.Harv Eker

I’ve read and re-read this one and listened via audiobook or video. It provides practical insight – not just theory – into money matters, mindset and financial knowledge. It also shares this information in an interesting and relatable way through stories and anecdotes.

3. The psychology of money: timeless lessons on wealth, greed and happiness, by Morgan Housel

This book talks about the psychological background of people’s relationship with money. It’s also very practical and not a lengthy book. People often have the wrong psychology due to their background, attitude, or surrounding influences. To have money you need to get the psychology right – it’s not just about having a great job, a great investment or business.

3 YouTube channels to follow:

1. Investor Centre

I’m a diverse watcher when it comes to video. Over the years I’ve spent so much time and mental capacity on the property side, so now that my portfolio is strong, I am expanding into share investment as well. This is a great channel which helps to teach you technique, psychology, and strategy when it comes to share investing.

2. Abundant mindset library

You can find all the classics here: “Think and grow rich”, “The master key system”, “The magic of believing”. You can listen to these books many times over and every time your results will grow.

3. Growing forever

This is similar to abundant mindset, offering a good combination of different topics. For me, when I watch Youtube I mainly focus on learning other people’s stories and strategies and getting inspired by other people’s results.

3 podcasts on wealth and success:

1. Tom Bilyeu:

Tom Bilyeu built a successful company and interviews successful entrepreneurs on his podcast. Because of his business experience, the questions he asks are more relevant and substantial – it doesn’t matter how good the talent is, the quality of answers is based on the quality of questions.

2. Valuetainment

You can listen to interviews from high calibre entrepreneurs like Ray Dalio; but also hear from the interviewer himself.

3. Team Fearless

These are really good podcasts and videos on different messages, for example, the 4 laws of success and many others. Very high quality and good motivational content.

3 webinars to watch:

I will round out my holiday content suggestions with the following three webinars we have developed at Ironfish, to help build a stronger foundation on finance and wealth principles, as well as the strategy of building wealth through property investing. These are all available on-demand over the holidays, and a great way to start planning for 2022.

From my experience, wealth is a way of thinking, and it starts with the mind. We all know next year, with the world opening up, students and migrants coming back, – it’s a really good time to reset from a financial point of view. Couple these books and resources with your own reading and research and you can make wealth building a part of next year’s plans and line it up with your 2022 goals.

Money isn’t everything but it’s an important piece of the puzzle to our happiness. Knowing that money is not an issue is a true mental freedom and you can enjoy everything in life multi-fold because of that financial ease. I hope these resources will help start you on this path.

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