Where should you invest in property in Australia in 2018?

What’s the most affordable suburb in your city? What are the top 10 suburbs with the strongest long-term capital growth? How fast is your city growing and what are the main sectors of the economy supporting this growth? What’s the next property hotspot in your city?

Our latest “My City” property investment research reports are now available, answering all this information and more...

Support your 2018 property investment decisions

If you considering where to invest in property in one of Australia’s 5 major capital cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide –  even before you look at specific properties and floorplans, it’s important to research the city and gain an understanding of the local market, economy and overall city outlook.

“My City” is a comprehensive research report, released annually, and is designed to be an essential tool for all property investors who plan to invest in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth.

The My City reports aggregate and condense the most relevant and important market information and data for each of the cities – including rental yields, property values, growth trends and historical results for top performing suburbs. The reports also bring together valuable information on the broader economic outlook for each city and forecasted growth, with a focus on population, major infrastructure developments, employment drivers as well as transport and lifestyle / liveability factors.

The results can be surprising – perhaps especially if you’re planning to invest in your home city – as it can be difficult to be objective and remove emotion in your decision making. For those who wish to invest interstate, the reports can help you to invest with confidence in an unfamiliar market.

Report Snapshot


The 5 major Australian cities are ranked among the highest in the world in terms of liveability and quality of life. Melbourne has made the headlines recently as the number 1 liveable city in the world, but did you know that Adelaide ranks as number 5 in the world?

property investment adelaide


Population is a fundamental driver of the property market, so as an investor, it’s important to understand the demographics of a city, along with population growth forecasting and key drivers, such as overseas and interstate migration.

For example, did you know that whilst Sydney is currently Australia’s largest city, Melbourne is set to close the gap as early as the 2030s?

Sydney Population Stats:where to invest in property in australia 2018


In addition to population growth and urban profile, infrastructure development in each city is also a matter of great significance for property investors. Areas around major infrastructure projects benefit from improved amenity or connectivity to major employment hubs. The projects themselves can also be key economic drivers and contribute to local jobs growth.

Brisbane is currently a stand out in terms of infrastructure expenditure, with investment totalling over $130 billion dollars. This investment is unprecedented and regarded by the industry as a signal that Brisbane is on the cusp of major growth.

best suburbs to buy in brisbane in 2018

Brisbane Cross River Rail – $5.4b transport project for South East Queensland. Completion: 2023


The housing market of each city is also integrally linked to the employment opportunities available and proximity to employment centres. The My City report covers the key employment centres of each city, as well as areas forecasted for jobs growth.

Melbourne Jobs Growth:

best suburbs to invest in melbourne 2018

Jobs growth in Melbourne are clustered within relatively close proximity to the city, as compared to say, Sydney, where employment centres are scattered further afield.


The My City report also compiles all relevant data including rental yields, capital growth, house and apartment value rankings, long-term market performance, suburbs to watch, and how affordability compares from city to city – so you know what your money can buy around the country.

Perth’s median apartment value is $418,565 – what is your city’s?

Perth:property investment perth

Why do we compile these reports?

Our mission at Ironfish is to support our investors in accumulating a diversified property portfolio, backed by the confidence of the latest research. We want to help investors to purchase property in other states and cities to take advantage of differing property cycles and target affordability. We also want to provide unique investment insights into investors’ home cities.

Our in-house research team works throughout the year to provide regular market reports: My Market (quarterly report available to download online), Ironfish Property Reports (insights into to specific property developments and surrounding areas) and the annual My City reports – which offer the greatest depth and detail about each city.

 “We have spent the past decade helping people invest in Australia’s 5 largest cities – each of which has an established history of liveability and consistent long-term property performance,” said Ironfish CEO, Joseph Chou.

“However, investors everywhere commonly express how difficult it is to understand and have confidence in their own “home city” market from an objective investor’s point of view. We hope our My City reports help investors to better understand the market and long-term opportunities that each of the 5 cities can present, and enable you to invest with confidence as you work towards your long-term property investment goals.”

How to obtain a copy of My City – Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth

If you are like many investors who are considering where to invest in Australian property in 2018, your MyCity report will be an invaluable resource.

If  would like a copy of My City – Property Investment Guide, existing customers may simply get in touch with their Strategist now. Or if you are new to Ironfish, please contact your local branch or Strategist to obtain a copy.

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