The one critical step to getting started in property investment

Experienced investors would all agree that there is one critical step to getting started in property investment: research.

While we all love leafing through glossy property magazines and brochures or viewing listings and floorplans online, it’s important to remember that ‘searching’ isn’t ‘researching’.

Buying investment property

Wherever you’re planning to purchase – Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, or Sydney – it is important to understand the big picture of the city to ensure you are well informed prior to purchase.

If you have a strong understanding of each city’s unique market drivers and characteristics, it will give you a better idea of where you’re best placed to invest. Most people tend to invest where they know – their local area or suburb they’ve lived in, but this may not be the right decision from an investment point of view or depending on your investment goals.

So, before inspecting properties, reviewing suburb-level data, analysing local demographic statistics, or checking out floorplans, we recommend investors first equip themselves with an overview of the city’s macro-level details, including economy, infrastructure, and population. Because, at the end of the day, these are the factors which will underpin demand.

Investors need to know if there are strong employment opportunities nearby; or if the area’s population is forecast to grow significantly; or is there new transport or public infrastructure being built which will deliver great benefit to the area in the next few years. All these will make an area and a good property in that area much more desirable and therefore add pressure to prices or rental demand.

Our 2018- 2019 research guide for property investors

For over a decade, Ironfish has helped Australians invest into our major capital city markets.

We pride ourselves on delivering research-driven value for customers, based on the Ironfish Portfolio Approach. We have an in-house research division which continually monitors both the property market, as well as the macro-level factors likely to impact demand.

Our research team draws data from over 50 sources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Corelogic, SQM Research, Reserve Bank of Australia and Deloitte and presents key findings and analysis in a range of investor resources in print, digital and video formats.

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New Ironfish My City research reports

Our annual ‘My City’ reports are an in-depth industry-leading primer on each of our 5 major capital city markets. This series of educational, magazine-style publications form an essential guide for investors to gain a comprehensive understanding of each major capital city.

We delve into the unique qualities and fundamental characteristics of each city, leveraging our combination of research, experience, and data-informed insights.

With many markets now ripe for opportunity, we are excited to officially launch the new 2018/19 My City reports for each city, to help you invest with confidence and build a strong property portfolio.

These reports will provide you all the key fundamental drivers of the property market, with highly visual and engaging insights across each city.

We explore key factors such as lifestyle, population, demographics, infrastructure, employment, transport and education. We also include all the relevant data and insights relating to property market performance, for both houses and apartments in each city.

Request a report

Simply contact your strategist for your copy of the newly minted 2018/19 edition of our My City report.

New customers are welcomed to request a free copy of our My City report by contacting your local branch office.

Please also feel free to download our ‘MyMarket’ report – a concise quarterly market update of all the 5 major Australian capital cities or watch our latest property market update videos below.


As always, we look forward to providing you with more tools and resources to help you achieve your property investment goals, as you continue to build wealth for generations to come.

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