Tips, tactics and trends to get ahead in 2018

It’s the new year, and the first week back at work for many people. (Happy New Year and well done for getting through your first week after the holidays!)

Most of us are filled with the best of intentions this time of year, whether it takes the form of a defined new year’s resolution, or the general sense of optimism and promise a new year brings in.

But then, fast forward a couple of months and most often this wonderful enthusiasm has already begun to fizz out. And then the gym membership remains idle, the post-Christmas budget plan gets put on hold and the diet will ‘definitely’ start after Easter.

It’s actually much the same with property investment. There’s a lot of people planning to get started, or planning to get on top of their finances, or planning to minimise tax this year. Or perhaps planning to ramp up saving for a first deposit, or for more advanced investors: allocate some time to work out how to build their portfolio further.

But the truth is, it’s hard to follow through and be successful at anything in life without consistent support.

A personal trainer, a gym buddy, a mentor; someone who has done it all before and is going to inspire you to stay motivated, and show you how to keep progressing, how to keep taking the next step forward, to guide you through the challenges and celebrate your successes alongside you.

And that’s what we love most about what we do here at Ironfish. It’s not just about the property – though we confess we do have a bit of a love affair with our properties – and we certainly do pride ourselves on our stringent property selection process, and being associated with so many award-winning developments.

But it’s equally about partnership.

Consider us your personal trainer, your wingman, your mentor. We are here for you right from your first appointment – what some of our customers like to call a ‘financial health check’ – through to your purchase, to property management and beyond, as you build your portfolio strategically to meet the long term goals of you and your family.

We know 2018 is going be a terrific year. We’ve got a very exciting new line-up of workshops, property investment seminars, Q&A panels with a range of experts in property and related industries, as well as master classes and social/networking events across the country.

We’ve designed our events this year to help keep you inspired, motivated, informed, educated and, perhaps most importantly, excited about your property investment journey – whether you’re at the beginning stages or much more advanced.

From First Home Buyer loans to Megatrends as delivered by amazing keynote speaker and social researcher Eliane Miles – we have plenty to keep you informed, engaged and inspired.

Of course – we also have some very exciting properties to share with our investors in upcoming weeks and months – contact your Strategist to find out the details.

So, if this is the year you’re planning to get on top of your finances and investments; if you’re planning to truly get ahead in 2018, book your seat today at our next event in your local city. And we will keep you fizzing through to 2019. Or maybe even right through to retirement.

The choice is yours.

No time to get to one of our seminars? You can also book a complimentary appointment with one our experienced Strategists to visit you at your home at a time convenient to you – including after-hours and weekends.


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