What’s the best investment you’ve made this year?

As we farewell 2017 and begin the new year, we thought we’d share details about a great investment we’ve made –  one we feel really good about. It may even be the best investment we made last year.

And yes, it is a property investment of sorts, but it goes much further than that. It’s an investment in employment, in education and well-being that will help countless young Australians.

In short, we’re proud to announce that Ironfish is now a National Corporate Donor for the Property Investment Foundation (PIF).

PIF is a property industry based charity that has been doing amazing work for the past 20 years in supporting homeless young people in Australia.

PIF partners with respected charities to help rebuild the lives of young Australians by building homes and safe environments as well as building pathways for employment.

“At Ironfish, our over-arching mission is to help Australian families achieve financial security and change their lives for the better,” said Ironfish Director, Grant Ryan.

“As a PIF National Corporate Donor, we now have the ability to expand on this mission, and help the most vulnerable members of our community find safe and secure housing, as well as access to education and services that will help them work towards a happier, secure and successful future.”

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Source: PIF

Of the 44,000 young Australians who are homeless on any given night, many are escaping a home life burdened by the disadvantages of poverty, neglect, abuse, unemployment, parental substance abuse, health complications, disability and mental illness. This cycle of events causes some young people to feel there is no other option, but to leave.

Not-for-profit organisations play an important role in helping these young people. PIF’s partner charities provide a range of services including: accommodation, collection of food, clothing and essential needs, advocacy services, advice, financial support, skills and employment services, and health services.

PIF organises a range of events – such as ‘StreetSleep,’ ‘Cycling Days’ and working bees – throughout the year in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with plenty of opportunities for the broader community to get involved.

For us at Ironfish, we see property investment as just the beginning of our service offering. Our ultimate aim is to inspire people to take ownership of their future and reach their full potential in terms of financial goals, work and personal development. Our support of PIF represents our continuing commitment to this goal.

So, we’re pretty happy with this investment – we know the returns will be substantial!

Are you ready to start investing in your future? Find out how you can achieve financial security for your family through smart property investment. Book your personal strategic analysis, a free service Ironfish offers as part of our commitment to financial wellbeing and helping Australian families achieve long term financial security.

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