Why do we invest in Ironfish?

“Why should I invest with Ironfish – over one of the other property investment companies?” is the first question a new investor might commonly ask. And our team will happily answer with one or more of the many stand-out reasons – such as our strong research team, our national business model and portfolio approach, or our unique relationships with leading developers which allow us to offer quality properties that people will be proud to hold over the long term.

There is, however, another key element to the Ironfish story that is less talked about, but we are very proud of nonetheless: our corporate culture. We think a key reason why people invest with Ironfish is because we invest in Ironfish. Underlying our success is a culture that values its people and embraces agility, growth, and continuing development. We give talented employees unlimited room to grow and our people have the satisfaction of seeing first-hand their tremendous impact on the lives of our customers.

“I believe that if we make what we do at work every day a part of the journey of chasing our dreams, our work becomes far more enjoyable,” says Ironfish CEO & Founder, Joseph Chou.

This week, Ironfish HQ hosted an advanced leadership training workshop for many of our top and up and coming strategists from all our Australian branch offices. The event forms part of a comprehensive personal and career development programme that Ironfish provides for its people.

“There are two main reasons why we believe these sorts of events are important to Ironfish,” said CEO & Founder, Joseph Chou. “The first is that our customers place their financial futures in our hands, so we seek to continually develop the knowledge and skills of our people so we can provide higher levels of support for our customers. We also want to nurture future leaders and help them to grow, which contributes to the long-term development of our business. The second is to help to develop our corporate culture and project our values as a company.”

Ironfish CEO HR leadership training event corporate culture investment

Ironfish CEO & Founder, Joseph Chou presenting to event attendees

The two-day event included a full day’s training with Ironfish CEO & Founder, Joseph Chou. The second day of the event was hosted by industry leader Peter McKeon, leading the group in active-participation-type training, including workshopping, group discussion, role playing and Q&A sessions.

The event also offered the opportunity for some of our interstate staff to visit our beautiful North Sydney HQ offices for the first time, and meet our HQ staff face to face.

“This was a fantastic event that gave us a lot of insights into the big picture of Ironfish and its values: our integrity and our commitment to operating ethically and best supporting our customers. There are so many valuable take-aways, and I am so proud to be in the team. It’s rare to find a company that offers this kind of opportunity,” said Ironfish Brisbane Strategist and event attendee, Jade Cattanach.

According to HR services specialist, Employment Hero, “Engaged employees are the secret weapon of successful organisations of any size. If your people are happy, committed and empowered, they’ll stay with your business. Your customers will have a better experience, you spend less on recruitment and re-training, productivity soars and absenteeism plummets.”

A big thanks and congratulations to all our “secret weapons” who attended this week. No doubt they will return to their branches next week all the more enthusiastic and even better equipped to help our customers navigate their investment journey.

Advanced leadership training participants along with Ironfish Directors and HQ staff

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