Why Perth is THE hotspot for investors

It’s an A+ for Perth’s report card

While the current rental crisis is opening up opportunities for property investors across the country, Perth can also boast the title of Australia’s most affordable city, which makes it a prime buying target for new investors looking to get into the market at a lower price point.

Let’s look at why Perth rates so highly on the Ironfish scorecard:

  • Strong Economy = More jobs,

Over the two years of the pandemic, Perth’s domestic economy grew by more than 2.5  times than the rest of the country. Combine that with the lowest employment rate in Australia, and you’ve got more people looking to spend their hard-earned income on quality accommodation.

  • Population Explosion = More people looking for a place to live

With the borders now wide open, Perth’s stunning weather, pristine beaches and access to international ports is once again attracting people from all over the world. In fact, Perth’s population growth rate is set to increase by a phenomenal 75% over the next 3 years. All those people will be looking for a place to live, and as current trends are showing, they’re more than willing to pay over the odds for it. And that means more cashflow via higher rental yields.

  • Fastest selling market – Blink and you’ll miss a great opportunity

Perth property is hot property, and with demand growing to epic proportions, many homes are taking just 18 days to sell.

“We see Perth as being the strongest market in the sense that it’s going to have good consistent growth over the next couple of years” – Grant Ryan, Head of Property & Research Ironfish, addressing The Urban Development Residential Apartment Development Summit

  • $100m Government incentives

The government are backing Perth all the way, setting up a $100m fund to attract more overseas businesses and jobs to WA.

  • 50% stamp duty rebate for off the plan apartments

This is a big one for investors. If you buy an off the plan apartment before 23rd October 2022, you’ll be rewarded with a 50% stamp duty rebate (capped at a maximum of $50,000) So from day one, you’ve started making money on your investment. More information can be found https://www.wa.gov.au/service/financial-management/taxation-and-duty/apply-the-plan-duty-rebate

Could Perth hold the key to cracking the property investors magic number?

As any successful property investor will tell you, no matter what your income level,  to achieve real long-term wealth, the type of wealth that sees you living your dream of being financially free much earlier than you thought, or living a retirement lifestyle way beyond your expectations, you need a strategy to build a portfolio of at least 4+ properties.

With the most affordable properties and the highest rental yields in Australia, Perth represents a golden opportunity for investors to boost their property portfolio faster than ever.

Local knowledge meets unparalleled experience

The art of successful property investing means striking when the iron is hot, but that doesn’t mean you should rush in to the Perth market without having a local’s knowledge of the city and its ‘sub-markets’.

With local branches in all major capital cities, the experienced team at Ironfish has boots on the ground in the Perth market, with access to up-to-the-minute data and research that identifies the most outstanding apartments, townhouses and house land packages in the city.

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