5 Tips On Choosing The Right Property Investment Company

Especially if you are a first time property investor, you want to know that when you choose a property investment company you’re getting experts who are on your team, who can help you develop an exciting and realistic investment long-term strategy, as well as give you access to a wide-range of property opportunities.  Let’s look at 5 of the most important aspects of choosing the right property investment company.


Individually Tailored Investment Strategy

When it comes to investment companies there are two things to avoid – those that “promise” anything, and those that guarantee you’ll have quick, short-term returns from your investment.  There are generally catches (or very small print) that go along with these types of offers.  People who are interested in investing in property need to be looking at it as a long-term investment, from between 10 to 20 years, and have a long-term strategic plan for building equity, rental incomes and capital returns.  The professionals at Ironfish start by determining your individual requirements and your goals, and take the time to help you create the best possible long-term property investment strategy.


Australia-Wide Property Opportunities

Property experts agree that if you are thinking of building a property portfolio it is a good idea to consider investment opportunities in different capital cities.  By spreading out your properties geographically you also spread out your risk as well as maximise the chance to benefit from good local market conditions.  You need assistance from a company with people based in the city, who understand the local market and can give you access to opportunities that others may not get.


Research Departments

It is relatively easy to do research online these days about local property investment market conditions and find information such as great spots for high rental returns.  There is no substitute, however, for the type of dedicated research and analysis that is conducted by a company such as Ironfish.  They not only have people on the ground gathering and providing information, but they also have the access to long term data and the expertise to be able to apply that to today’s market conditions.


Property Management Services

Wouldn’t it be easy to have an investment company find the right property opportunity, help you through the buying process, and then organise to have your new property tenanted and all ongoing maintenance and management issues covered?   This is the advantage of having a property investment company that also offers ongoing property management services.  Companies such as Ironfish offer a seamless experience for property owners – from initial contact with a property expert who will help you plan out your investment path, to taking care of your property (or properties) into the future.

Cut Out The Middle Man

Many companies say they have access to new or off the plan property deals, but in fact they are simply offering to show you how to buy an investment property.  They might point you in the right direction, but cannot really help when it actually comes to finding, buying and managing an investment property.  It is important to choose a property investment company such as Ironfish that has a team of people “on the ground” with real opportunities in the capital city you are thinking of investing in.  This means that they actually have access to pre-negotiated deals and have inside knowledge about upcoming properties or off the plan developments.


With experts in the major capital cities, dedicated research teams and access to pre-negotiated property investment opportunities, Ironfish is best placed to provide you with the experience and know-how you need to help you get onto the investment ladder and build yourself the successful property portfolio you’ve always dreamt of.



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