How Do I Find Out About New Property Developments?


So you’ve got a little money saved up, are keen to get into this exciting property market and interested in buying an off the plan property.  What are some of the best ways to find information on new developments and upcoming offers?  As long as you’re on the ball and have decent research skills you can usually find the range of material you need from the media and online.  Property investment seminars are also a great source of exclusive information, as well as investment professionals.


Doing Your Own Research

Before the internet property investors used to rely on finding information in the newspapers and weekend magazines about up and coming off the plan developments.  You can still find a lot of information in the traditional media about property, and many developers and real estate agents still advertise listings in the paper.  The key to this kind of research is persistence, with many papers bringing out special editions throughout the year that focus on new property and provide information on property investing in general.   Always keep an eye out for special offers and keep note of them for future reference.


There is no doubt, however, that the internet has made this kind of research convenient and simple, with many developers having their own sites with information on new off the plan offers, as well as contact details.  Sites such as Domain and now also include listings for new developments.  The best thing about websites like these is that you can quickly filter out data that you don’t want and narrow your search to include the location you’re targeting, the type of property you’re looking for as well as any specific features you want.


Getting Professional Assistance

As with any investment, it is always advisable to get assistance from professionals in the field, as they can give you the kick-start you need.  Property investment experts such as Ironfish can assist you in developing a strategic vision and a 10 to 15 year plan that may well help you avoid the mistakes that many first time investors make.  The important thing to remember when you’re looking for a property investment expert is to find an experienced company that has been in the industry for many years, has local offices in the major capital cities and who can help you get access to genuine pre-negotiated offers and opportunities that are not open to the general public.


Property investment seminars run by licensed professionals can also be a fantastic introduction to the world of property investing.  The best type of property seminars feature information and analysis from people who are “on the ground”, with the data and research to give you a real insight into what’s happening at the moment in the property market and likely trends in the future.  The Ironfish property investment seminars are run by people who are property investors themselves, so they not only have experience and skills but will also respond to your questions with understanding – they will talk with you, not at you.



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