Looking For One Bedroom Properties

Changing demographics and changing demand has made one bedroom properties more popular than ever – a fact not lost on developers who are planning more of these apartments to meet demand.  Experts who give out property investment tips suggest that investors should look for certain features when considering purchasing property, including the type of layout and design and amenities included, to ensure they can get a maximum return on their investment.

Typical one bedroom designs from only a few decades ago were small and boxy, with small windows and very often small outdoor living spaces.  Thankfully, today’s architecture focuses more on the best possible use of a site, and takes into consideration light and open plan layouts.  With this being said, not all property developments are equal, and not all apartments are equal even within the same building.  That is why it is important if you are considering purchasing an off the plan one bedroom property to inspect any relevant plans carefully, or take advantage of display units and design mock-ups to get a better understanding of the overall space and layout.

Many people talk about views and position for apartments, however for a one bedroom property a better property investment tip is to ensure it is planned with large windows which will let in light, as well as a generous living/dining room layout.  Split level one bedroom apartments can be popular, as they give the impression of being larger without sacrificing floor space.  Young professionals and other high value tenants these days want a light, bright and airy feel to their homes, with plenty of entertaining room for friends and family.

Views can change and cannot always be relied upon, however the internal space of an apartment is fixed and must appeal to a broad range of people. Balconies are particularly important if the apartment is small, which tends to be the case with one bedroom properties.  Another feature that is becoming increasingly important in apartments is storage – either within the property or as a lock up garage or storage cage – and investors should always take note of the type and size of storage when looking at off the plan or brand new apartment developments.

Tenants also want plenty of easily accessible amenities and facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, and rooftop terraces.  These should always be included in developer’s plans, and investors should keep an eye out for unique or innovative features that will add value when it comes time to decide the estimated rent for the property.

When it comes to off the plan and brand new apartments, Ironfish are well known for their expert assistance, their ability to source some of the best investment opportunities on the market as well as their superior property management services.  They can help you to create a sustainable long term strategy and provide property investment tips that will have you building a successful property portfolio in no time.

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