A Comprehensive Guide to Property Investment in Australia

We cover the pros and cons of each Australian city, and help you understand the best investment for your unique situation.

Buying property continues to be a popular investment choice for many Australians. Given the strength of the property market over the years and the regular government and tax incentives for homeownership, it’s often considered one of the best ways to invest in Australia.

Investment properties are primarily bought for one purpose: to produce an income .  Unlike buying your own home, buying an investment property shouldn’t be an emotional decision suited to your lifestyle. Instead, your focus should be whether it’s going to build wealth for your future – and is it something that you can afford.

In this guide, we cover some of the pros and cons of property investing, as well as some general tips about the different ways to approach it.

Australia's largest capital city and it's most established property market is powered by a range of industries, including finance, education, construction, technology and healthcare. Once unaffordable, Sydney properties are now very much obtainable. To learn more download your free copy of our latest My City Sydney 2024 property report.
A mecca for sports, arts and culture, Melbourne, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world presents exciting opportunities for property investors. As Australia’s second largest city expected to overtake Sydney by 2030, Melbourne continues to rank as one of the world’s most liveable cities and has a global reputation for being popular for student life. Discover the best Melbourne suburbs best for investment, and the latest trends in our My City Melbourne 2024 property report.
Vibrant Brisbane is Australia's answer to paradise! A hop, skip and a jump to an assortment of tropical islands as well as the stunning Gold Coast, Brisbane boasts some of the best holiday destinations in the world. With over 40% annual growth last year, a projection of 200,000 new residents over the next five years and visitors from all over the world flocking to the River City for the the 2030 Olympics, Brisbane could be a property investor's ideal choice. To find out more about this amazing city check out our My City Brisbane 2023 property report.
The fourth largest city in Australia, Perth attracts people from around the globe it's unmatched tourism and top notch education, with mining now picking up, Perth’s economy is certainly looking up. Add to this the amazing lifestyle, low unemployment and affordability and it’s certainly an opportunity for budding and established property investors alike. Download our free 2024 My City Perth property report to get the complete picture on why Perth is THE Australian city to watch this decade.
Gold Coast
Renowned for its incredible weather and world class beaches! The Gold Coast has come to offer more than just sun and surf. Australia's largest non-capital city will be hosting over 10.5 million visitors every year. Investment in the area is forecast to continue and accelerate over the next 10-15 years and as a co-host of the recently awarded 2032 Olympics, the future on the Gold Coast is looking extremely bright. We've got the latest facts and figures in our My City Gold Coast 2023 property report - download your free copy now.
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